Rules & Regulation

Dear Students,

The School strictly announced the  rules and regulation to all of our obedient student to follow mentioned point as usual:

  1. All the student must remain in their respective classes during class hour and maintain their class quite, clean and appreciable.

  2. When the teacher enters the class, all the students should stop whatever they are doing and greet the teacher. They should do the same when the teacher leaves.

  3. Students should pay full attention in the class and follow the directions of the teacher without delay.

  4. When the teacher is absent, the students must not leave the room till they are given a substitute.They should ask for permission to go toilets and so on.

  5. In case of sudden illness or injury, the matter must be immediately forwarded to the co-ordinator.

  6. Stealing, cheating, rude manners and bullying the juniors will be severely dealt with.

  7. Students must show good behavior to all the teachers and seniors. They should not fold their arms, put their hands in pockets, lean against their companion or keep sitting while talking to teacher.

  8. Students must not tease or harass any member of the institution, neither should they use other for their personal purpose.

  9. All the furniture in the SRJ must be maintained with great caution. Any student found damaging or defacing the furniture will be penalized and fined.

  10. All boys and girls must maintain brotherhood and sisterhood among each other.

  11. Students must appear in all examinations, attend all classes and submit theirs homeworks regularly. They must bring their parents to collet their report card.

  12. Students must speak in English all the time(except for Nepali period) and greet their teachers whenever they see them.

  13. Students must not scream, run haphazardly, play hide and seek or throw dirt in the class premises.

  14. Students must not enter the staff room without permission.

  15. Students must present their daily homework (diary) to their guardians or teacher for advice and guidance.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The School highly regards your sound co-operation, faith, and good relationship. Your son/daughter is issued with a copy of school diary for this academic session. The School requests you to provide appropriate guidance to our child and check the diary regularly. The general rules and regulations of school are given below.

  1. The Academic year begins in first week of Baisakh and ends in the last week of Chaitra. You have to bring your child to the school personally.

  2. The arrival and departure of the students must be reported to the concerned authority/House Master.

  3. Students must given particular attention to personal cleanliness and behaviours.

  4. The late arrival or the absence of the child must be reported to the Principal in written with evidence.

  5. A notice to a month prior is must for the withdrawl of the student.

  6. Your effort and concern on the child is highly appreciated hence, you are requested to be in frequent with us.

  7. All books and copies should be neatly covered and bound.

  8. Parents visiting days and home weekends must be followed according to the school calendar. The child will be allowed to meet or accompany the authorized guardians only.

  9. The progress report and final evaluation of your child should be obtained by yourself or through an authorized person (not the child himself/herself).

  10. Your timely suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated.